The Best SM Hypermarket Turon

Okay, fine! I will admit. I love SM Hypermarket's turon! There I said it na. But it is so damn hard not to fall in love with SM's turon. Sometimes I get scared and paranoid thinking that they are putting some sort of chemical or potion at the very least to make it taste that good.

But I have to be very specific here. The best turon that I've ever tasted is at SM Hypermarket Valenzuela. No other branch has made a turon as good as the one in SM Valenzuela. Beyond that though. SM has made a multi million product out of the very ordinary turon.

How good is it? I don't have a good picture of it because every time I get the chance to put my hands on them, they go straight to my mouth.

Nope this one is not the SM Valenzuela turon I love..... its just better.

Visit SM Valenzuela and get to see it for your self.

2016 Best Food Channels On YouTube

Youtube has been part of every netizen's daily life and foodies are no exception. So I went on searching for the best food channels that there is on Youtube to satify our gastronomic eye's cravings.

1. Sorted Food

Imagine five guys with a good sense of humor in the kitchen, I know that's gonna be a lot of fun. Sorted Food provides recipes twice a week and a vlog they call FridgeCam every Sunday. 

2. Hot For Food

A vegan couple who cooks up vegan food that will just make you crave for it, I mean I am not in anyway would qualify even to be the most slightest of a vegan but I sure do love eating vegan food .

3. Donald Skehan

One of the funnest channels I ever watched. Donal's attitude towards cooking and his presentation of his food is just simply one of the most entertaining I ever seen.

What's your favorite food channel on youtube? Tell us on the comment section 

Bodhi: The Vegetarian Fast Food

First of all let me just categorically state that I am noooooo, in anyway a vegetarian :) but I do love eating veggies, a lot. I also am into this some sort of diet -yep trying to be healthy somehow- so I try to stay away from fatty food as much as possible.

Anyways, I just wanna share with you my favorite vegetarian food store, it's much like of a fast food for vegetarians, food is cooked and ready to serve and it is called BODHI.

Photo Courtesy of

I am not sure if they have other branches in the metro but my their branch in Megamall is where I usually get my fix. I love their Asado  as I find it the most rich when it comes to taste. 



Aside from my favorite Asado they have a whole host of menu that you can enjoy from. Like I said I am not a vegetarian so please don't send questions about if it is what type of whatever... hahaha... i'll just stare at your question for hours and never answer :)) 

So there you go, I hope you'd really try BODHI and taste how good it is! I actually introduced it to a friend and he got confused asking "I thought this is vegetarian?" as he tasted the Asado thinking that it was real meat! Hahaha.... so check out the nearest BODHI outlet near you... 

Note: This is not a paid post... I just love them <3


here's a list of their branches that I got from

SM North Edsa Food Court
SM Sta. Mesa Food Court
SM Megamall Food Court
SM Megamall Supermarket
SM Makati Food Court
SM Sucat Food Court
SM Southmall Food Court
SM Fairview Food Court
Tutuban Mall
Greenhills VirraMall

The Best Chees Sticks Ever! @ Suenos!

It was a Thursday night, just got off from my last day of work. My weekend.

I called up an office mate to have a few bottles over at a new restobar that I want to try.

I love the atmosphere in the bar, it doesn't feel cheap. The sound system is superb! trust me and oh the band was just awesome!

Of course have a bucket of beer (mind you a bucket cost just about 240 pesos -not kidding here) doesn't complete the night we need to have pulutan or pica-pica. Their choices are really affordable which came to surprise for both me and my friend as the place really look classy with its red and black theme.

For our picapica we ordered French Fries. Tel me fries, how can it be special? I mean they're just a bunch of potatoes peeled and fried. right? Hold on, though this food can't be that much different, the resto was able to put a dash of uniqueness to it with its special coating. It wasn't something they just bought and  dumped into the fryer.

Music was great with their -excuse me for the lack of words - upscale musician, I tell you this man knows how to have a good time. The song selection is just awesome.

Gone are the fries.

We asked for the menu and battled it out for our next picapica. My friend wanted to have the Onion rings, but I was waiting for something really special to land on my palate, how can an onion ring be much more different? tell me? So we asked for the waiter to be the tie breaker! And the winner? The cheese sticks! hahaha!

They look thick so I asked for a knife, my friend was looking at me as if I asked for something impossible, Hahahaha! Anyways, they might have not have it yet since they just opened so they gave us something better. Forks and suacers.

Your usual cheese sticks would usually be composed of like 5% cheese and the rest are just spring roll wrappers. Forget about that! As I cut through a stick, I hit no wrapper! and I was just delighted to see that thick slab of cheese embraced by a subtly flavored breading -yep breading not a wraper- that just elevates the cheese experience with every bite that you take. It was just divine!

My friend who cries every time he tastes something really delicious cried. So there you go, the delicious meter just went off again. HHAHAHA!

We also tried the onion rings and it was just fine.

If you are looking for a place in Valenzuela that's classy, not trying hard to be a bar, chill place to hangout with buddies, I recommend that you pay them a visit.

Excuse the photos, they were taken with my Cherry Mobile phone :)

P.S. I almost forgot, their staff are the best that you can find in the city. I must say that they are well trained, I hope we get to see this restobar for a long time here in the city.

Suenos Resto Bar and Grill
#35 Mc Arthur Highway, Valenzuela City

Coal Spot: Good Burgers Has Arrived In Valenzuela

It was a bad day going on for me, no actually it was a bad week. I missed two sessions of my MuayThai class and on that day it rained really hard that I had to wade through the murky flood waters in Manila from work. I was like ugh, can someone give me break!?

Good thing I was with my co-worker who lives in Fatima (Valenzuela). I wanted to shake off all the bad vibes before I go home, then it came to my mind about this burger joint that my gym friends always talk about, so I asked Dy to have some burgers before we go home.

They call it Coal Spot their menu is very simple all focusing with the their main product, their chargrilled beef burgers with some house blend ice tea to compliment your food.

Their burgers are a far cry from the fast food type burgers that you eat, these are works of art! Well not to exaggerate but they are really good not to mention cheaper than those fast food restaurants. Imagine you can get a quarter pounder (picture above -sorry didn't have camera that time, just my phone) for just 55 pesos!

The patties are really juicy even though they are grilled unlike their others who fry them. However, I still feel that it can be improved with a little mayo and a good ketchup and a hint of pepper. My preference.

I'm sure that you'll love this place! Oh and it could have been better if they serve beer! hahaha But no they are too near from a school so, no beer mi amigo! Check them out details below.

Address: 143 Mc Arthur Highway, Valenzuela City

Facebook Page