Eating Chicken Feet For The First Time

It is quite normal for a Filipino to know when you say what an addidas is, and yes I am not referring to the brand of shoe!

As it is part of Filipino culture to eat weird parts of poultry, pork or beef  and even one day old chicks are a delicacy. However even if how much Filipino I would brag my self about, I still have a lot of Filipino dishes that I still haven't tried and yes one of them is the famous addidas..... that is until recently! 

My co-worker has been talking a lot about this Chinese restaurant along Congressional avenue called Causeway. She keeps on saying that they really have good food there and the prices are just right. So one fine afternoon, after our shift we decided to eat lunch at the restaurant.

Causeway is about 5-10 minutes away from EDSA if you are taking a cab and it would at your left if you are coming from the said avenue

My first ever chicken feet with some yang chow 
 I had to face my fear and I was really hesitant trying it out at first but then I saw my co-workers really enjoying the dish! So I mustered all the courage that I have and tried my very first chicken feet dish.

As soon as it landed on my taste buds, it felt like I was in heaven. It was a bit spicy and sweet but some salt balances the taste making you wanting for just more of it. 

I think this is glazed pork
Well of course I had to try out the other delicacies on the menu and we were just in time for the promo price that day. All of the dumpling dishes' prices were cut into half! yahoo! who doesn't like discounts ey? well it just also means that we are gonna eat twice of what we intended to! =)



More siomai!

Well I guess you know what happened next. =) I was really full that day and had lots of fun conversing with my co-workers. Eating out sure is a lot of fun and is a very good way of building closer ties to people around you. 

So for Causeway giving me this very nice and unforgettable experience I give them 4 spoons out of 5. The food is really nice plus the price is very reasonable and affordable but the location is quite far from the main avenue. Maybe if there is another branch that is much more accessible I might give away that last spoon for them! =)

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