KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

KFC Just lunched a few weeks back their new line of desserts. We then went ahead to KFC MOA to try them all! =)

KFC introduces four new addition to their desserts line namely Mango Cheese Cake, Chocolate Tiramisu, Choco Banana Pie and Chocolate Mousse.

We generally liked all of the flavors, all tasted sweet enough to satisfy your cravings but not overpowering that you'd just want to stop at the middle of it. 

Mango Cheese Cake
This is our personal favorite. You can taste the Mango right away and it was really mouthwatering. 

Chocolate Tiramisu
Its okay but its not that memorable that you'd remember it way after you first tasted it unlike the Mango Cheese Cake

Choco Banana Pie
We liked this one too as it still features the soft and satisfying creams that we have tasted on the first two desserts. Though the we needed to scoop a little more than once to get a taste of the banana. 

Chocolate Mousse 
Finally the Chocolate Mousse. I was expecting a rich chocolaty taste but was welcomed with a Mocha flavor. My friend told me that it was suppose to taste like that since it was a mousse but still I was waiting for the rich chocolate.  

The KFC spoonfuls in general gets a Thumbs UP! Price is just right, Taste is okay and the serving is just enough =)

The KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls are available at KFC stores nationwide at 29.00 pesos per cup. Go grab one now!

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