Shilin Night Market: Lemon Jelly Drinks

I was walking around the food area of the Shilin Night Market when I saw this drink stand. I was quite intrigued on how she presents her drinks with big fruits floating on the side. 

To kill the curiosity  I bought one, I took a sip but still I couldn't identify what was it, so I just asked the lady what is she selling. She explained that it was a lemon flavored jelly drink and those big green things floating on the side are lemon fruits!

They are much like Gulaman drinks that you can find any where here in Manila. But the only difference is that it's flavored with real lemon which we don't usually get to taste here in city.  

I suggest buy a big cup and then go around the market! It would be a great refreshing match for all of Shilin's street food

Shilin Night Market: Taiwanese Sausages

It looks like your regular sausage at first glance but as soon as I got a taste of it I found out it was not the same. I thought it's just gonna be a longanisa but it was much more tamer I didn't get to taste the strong meaty taste that I was expecting.

I didn't got to interview the person who was cooking them but the taste was kinda okay. They cook them by putting them on top of heated stones and are served on a stick.

I'd say it's still is worth a try to taste them so you could compare it with the sausages from around the world.