Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包

At first glance they looked like our normal Siomai here in the Philippines. As I looked closer I learned that they are actually fried as their bottoms are toasted.

I could really describe the taste. It was more than what I was expecting. A small dumpling was oozing with so much flavor. It was a bit of every taste and it seemed like the more you much on it the more different it tastes like.

I paid about $35NT for a pack of 10, really cheap compared to our local Siomai here in Manila. I guess food is relatively cheap in Taiwan, and I like it!

The vendor where I bought my Sheng Jian Bao, My first taste of the food in Shilin

Filipino Food On The New British Kitchen

I came across this video on you tube and was surprised on how the Filipino food took center stage in a food show in the UK.

The New British Kitchen showcases different foods from the countries of origin of the people who have made the United Kingdom their home.

So here it is. Geez! I had goosebumps while watching this!