Isdaan: Victoria Tarlac

So one day a group of travel bloggers decided to scale the gigantic Mount Pinatubo. Walking for more than two hours per way and a half hour uphill trek ain't that easy (obese kase ako LOL!) so not to be surprised we were all hungry as we return back to civilization that afternoon.

It was way out of the way but we wanted to experience Isdaan, a popular restaurant in Tarlac.

Ordering food was like any other restaurant would take sometime, well at least enough for me to buy ciggs and smoke a few.

I like the fact that the restaurant offers more than the usually food but also some attractions like the Tacsipayo where you could throw a piece of glass ware to release tension. But we were there to eat so no one bothered to actually do some dish throwing, but of course we did took some shots...... with our cameras.

So the food ey!? Well we ordered Bulalo... and it was... it tasted.... hmmm yeah it tasted like Bulalo!

Ok fine I am going to make this short. The Bulalo wasn't that remarkable. okay?

So for those of you who had been to Isdaan, what food would you recommend that would make you remember that place every time you eat the same dish in another place?