Saying Goodbye To Haagen Dazs

After reading online that Haagen-Dazs is getting its business out of the Philippines, I immediately included on my list of things to do before August ends, the month when Haagen Dazs' last branch in the Shangri-La Mall is suppose to close. 

their counter was still full of lots of ice cream with different flavors so I asked the crew which one would be the best seller and gave me the Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. 

Compared to your regular ice cream that you can just buy anywhere, Haagen Dazs' ice cream isn't all just air infused giving you more of the real thing to savor. And yeah it was quite pricey about Php 175.00 for a scoop (about $4.16)

I would say that the price is quite high but yeah I would pay that amount for that kind of ice cream, I just wished that with that price comes a bigger serving. =) 

So the verdict is yes it is worth to try and pay for a Haagen-Dazs once in a while to experience it. And by the way before I left and took that blurry photo above with my phone camera while on a moving escalator, I asked the staff it is true that they are only up till the end of August, turns out that for this branch there may still be hope.