AirSnacks: Cebu Pacific's Pizza Overload Pie

First off, I want to thank SkyScanner for making this review possible.

We all know that when flying food prices are ridiculous. So we are here to see if Cebu Pacific's Pizza Overload Pie is worth paying for.

As the name suggests, the pie is filled with pizza sauce and lots of cheese. It does taste a lot like pizza that I can assure you.

What I like about I like about the pie is how the bread is made. The bread of the pie isn't actually made up of one slab of dough but layers of it instead. 

I like the way the pie was constructed which gives you a pasta like experience because of how the dough was layered into. 

As for the filling, it was okay though not really over the top goodness I would say that it would not disappoint you if you are looking for the pizza taste. I just wish they included a green bell pepper there to complete the pizza taste. 

So my score for the Pizza Overload Pie is 7 out of 10 Spoons! Not bad.. =)

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