Feast At Max's Restaurant

Before anything else and you go on reading this post, let me just state first that this is not a review post. I am not reviewing the food but just sharing the feast that we just had at Max's Restaurant.

So I ate, tasted and drank why not review the food as well? The thing is yes I tasted the food, but I wasn't there to review the dishes that they served. I did not pay attention to how good it was, I ate and converse and engaged my self with the people around so I guess that it would not be fair to review the food. Yes, I'll be saying good or not so good or whatever comment but none of them really is valid as far as I am concerned. So let me share the experience in dinning instead! 

The food isn't really bad to start with but the service was just okay. We had multiple waiters and waitresses attending to us which some might think that is a good thing right? But for me it doesn't, the more people attending to you makes it more confusing when you follow up or ask for additional orders. 

The first batch of rice that we had didn't look as good as this one so I took another photo of this new batch, the first one looked like something that your mom would serve on the dinner table. 

Chicken with sweet potato fries



Over all the feast that we had in Max's Restaurant was great. The food kept on flowing till it felt like that there's so much food on our table than what we can handle. We actually called for reinforcements to help us eat the rest of the food. LOL!

Now you must be thinking why do I have so much photos if I was not prepared for a review. Well it was because I was the official photographer that day, it was my niece's christening so there you go. 

Max's Restaurant
Ground Level, SM Marilao, Marilao Bulacan

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