Holiday Stuffing

By this time you must have stopped groaning about how full you are from all of the feasts that you've been to these past few days, or maybe not. But one thing is for sure we've all been willingly stuffing our selves with some good food these season. 

My family, well clan for that matter is no exception to this great Filipino food tradition. Every year we go to our elder's houses and eat at each and every house.

Unfortunately this year we've lost my lolo who cooks my favorite morcon something that I will miss. 

This year however, we still have the star of the table the one that takes the final bow and the one that everybody is racing to finish eating so they wont be left with none, The Leche Flan.

I guess by the looks of the table you've got an idea now of how much my family loves food. This is what bonds us what makes us stay connected. Thank God for food!

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