My Top 5 Must Try Foods In Cebu

They say that you can never say that you've really been to a place unless you have tasted their food. On a recent trip to the Queen City of the South I have made a list of food that you really must try to get a real taste and vibe of the island.

So without further-a-do here's my must try food in Cebu City. 

1. Larsian 
This famous grilled foods food court is located just right beside the Chong Hua Hospital and Robinsons Bldg. (not the mall) along Fuente Osmena Circle. A wide range of sea food, pork and chicken dishes can be chosen from the various stalls that offer different menus.

2. Lechon Cebu 
Cebu is known for the best lechon in the country but the question is where to get the best lechon in Cebu? Well where else but in Carcar!

Carcar is about 40 kilometers away from Cebu city but I tell you traveling to this southern city is a breeze. Just go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal, take an air conditioned bus for just Php 50.00 and get off at the rotonda. March your way to the public market and pick your choice of lechon vendor to buy from.

Note: ask the vendor to have the sauce separate as the lechon it self may not need any sauce anymore

3. La Marea
Probably one of the best pastry and desert shop in the country this ice cream topped hot brownie is best made here in La Marea. Located inside the Asiatown IT Park any one can easily find their shop as it is quite famous in the area.

4. Puso
I love the idea of the Puso. This is basically just rice wrapped inside weaved coconut leaves, but I included it on the list because how ingenious it is, it offers convenience for any one on the go and you wouldn't miss this food because it is offered in almost any food store in Cebu.

5. Siomai sa Tisa
At night Katipunan avenue in barangay Tisa in Cebu turns into a street food haven with a variety of food along the street this area is still dominated and famous for their Siomai.

I must say that their siomai is really delicious I could eat loads of it if not for my kill joy stomach. lol! Tough you can buy siomai sa tisa on other parts of the city, I would still suggest going to brgy. Tisa for it offeres a different experience. 

How about you? what are your must try food in Cebu? Maybe next time I could get to try them too! =)


  1. I was able to try Larsian, Lechon Cebu and Puso in my previous trips to Cebu and I love them all.

  2. I've never tried eating puso. though it's just rice, i still want to try it!

  3. so the Puso is like a Suman, right? or is it something different... I guess it's different but I wouldn't really know until I try one... :D

  4. I must try those when I get back to Cebu next year and I'm pretty sure puso and larsian can be good partners =)

  5. Unfortunately I haven't been to Cebu so I am learning something from this post.

  6. This makes me hungry!!! I'd love to go to Cebu now and try them all!!!

  7. When I visit Cebu, will try all foods listed in here. Hehe. Thanks for sharing.

  8. yummy things comes in simple food... sarap talaga ng pagkaing pinoy... curious about the brownie topped ice cream, hope to visit cebu again. Yahweh bless.

  9. WoW! That looks very delicious. Must try it all. =)