Top Food Choices For Noche Buena

Whenever there is a celebration or holiday there is food, that you can be sure of in any Filipino family's dinner table. We even say "Kumain ka na ba?" (have you eaten) almost synonymous to "How are you".

source: my cousin's feast table lol

1. Spaghetti
Toping my list is no less than my favorite. Hahaha I know I am biased LOL! but this food is a sure way to put a smile on every kids face, just make sure that it is sweet though. =) I can never get enough of this pasta dish so yes, Thank You Italy!

But keep in mind you don't have to stick with just spaghetti, in our family we usually serve two pasta dishes one red sauced (spaghetti) and the other white sauced (usually carbonnara).

2. Ham
Sweet and tender, they say the best hams are made up of just one part and cut and you can check it if it really is by checking the net marks. Hams made up of scrap parts of the pig cannot have such marks as it wont hold up by it self.

Source: Hormel Foods

3. Leche Flan
This holds a special place in my heart, hahaha! but really yes, The perfect lecheflan would look like a cake with no pores and so far I have only seen a few who can make such and I am so lucky to know two of them, my aunt and cousin. Unfortunately they are in US now and I haven't tasted their legendary leche flan for a while now.
source: wikipedia

4. Salad
There are so many variations of salads, but the one that I can eat the most is a Macaroni Salad. I have really good memories of eating this food, specially that when my mom makes them it really tastes like the ones that we eat in Wendy's.

source: wikipedia

5. Roast or Fried Chicken
Another childhood favorite of mine during feasts are fried chickens. As a child we weren't rich, so we only get to taste such food on birthdays and holidays. Which I think is also a good thing because we learn to appreciate food more.

6. Lumpia
Lumpia what!!?? Spring Rolls for those who are not familiar with the name. Meat wrapped in sheets of thinly cooked egg and floor then deep fried into a perfect golden brown. Lumpia is a great finger food and or a beer match.
source: wikipedia

7.Pork Barbeque
By this time I guess you would notice that we just love meat? but yeah we do love meat. Barbecues here in the Philippines are mostly well done and we do love those carcinogenic burns on the meat, makes it more tasty!

8.Embotido / Morcon 
When my lolo was still alive we always get to taste his embotido or morcon which are the best that I ever tasted anywhere.

Embotido and Morcons are delicate meat sausages filled with either egg, fruits or some more meat inside, I can never get enough of these.

If you'd like to try cooking an embotido you can get the recipe here
source alaska milk

As Anthony Bourdain would say it this would be the best pig that you would ever taste. I specially like the the ones that I tried in Carcar they tasted okay even without any sauce.
source wikipedia

10. Cake
To top it all off a good chocolate cake is nothing but proper. I like the black forest cake the most because of the complimenting tates of cherries and the dark chocolate. What I don't like about it is the tonsilitis I get the day after. LOL!

What ever you decide to put on your Christmas dinner table what is important is that you eat with your loved ones, the ones that matter most. It is not the food that matters its the people whom you share them with!

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