Hou Mian Bao 厚麵包

Morning of my second day in Taipei my host treated me breakfast -that was so kind of him being me with no money- and he asked  me with just tow questions what do you like for breakfast Salty or Sweet? Hot Or Cold, and of course there is a third one which was what drink you like.

Soon after the lady who owns the restaurant served us with our orders which for me was A thick bread (Hou Mian Bao 厚麵包) glazed with rich green tea butter/spead. 

It was an experience as I bite on to the lightly glazed bread. The green tea wasn't over powering while a hint of sugar was quite crunch on top of the green tea butter as it was toasted. I never imagined that something so delightful like this is possible until I took my first bite. 

I know that I am biased and that I love Nai Cha (milk tea) so much but I must say that this is a perfect partner for a good breakfast specially on a hot summer day. 

As of the moment I am still researching on how to make that green tea spread/butter I want to make one at home! If any one knows how to do it please let me know PLEASE... =D

Cōng Yóu Bǐng: Scallion Or Green Onion Pancake 蔥油餅

Eureka! It took me almost one year before I finally found what is the name of this food. I don't know how to read Chinese and the people I asked doesn't know either.

So this lazy rainy afternoon I decided to put an extra effort in looking for its name on the web and viola! I found it! This type of bread is called Scallion Pancakes 蔥油餅 scallions are the green part of onions otherwise known as spring onions.

The onions are kneaded together with the dough -yep not a batter but a dough - rolled and folded many times to achieve the layered effect of the pancake. 

I think those written on the sign is how much it costs since I paid NT$ 25 that must be the price for 1/4 of the pancake.

The scallion pancake 蔥油餅 isn't really tasty, its bland and doesn't have a strong taste of the scallion which is quite disappointing. But the upside for this food is that you can eat it all day long as it makes you feel full quite fast. I even ate it in the plane as my dinner.

Over all the Scallion Pancake 蔥油餅 was okay not something that I would eat again but something that you should try when in Taiwan. Come to think about it maybe I'll eat it if ever I am in Taiwan and I am on the go. 

Media Noche De Mi Familia

If I were to be asked, which holiday do is my favorite when it comes to eating? I'd say the New Year! With the awesome Filipino tradition of eating and with our family growing in numbers each year our media noche feast table only gets much more festive! Here's what we had last new year.

Oysters. Before I didn't knew that Oysters and the shell fish that we eat almost every Sunday is the same. Its just because that when I see Oysters on TV they are always served in a fancy plater with ice or a heavily decorated plate, I'm just used to seeing Oysters in a bowl with vinigear and some onions and garlic. 

Barbecues without the fat at the end of the stick is the best! hahaha I don't eat the fat part I just cant swallow it. hahaha... So I guess even though these are slightly over churned I like them!

Sliced fruits plus the compulsory round fruits!

If I were to marry someone she has to cook really good pasta and salad. I eat any kind of pasta I love them and the spaghetti we had was just right for my Filipino flavor craving that night. 

Fruit salad, this is just a part of the whole batch of fruit salad that we made. I even ate fruit salad as my breakfast and lunch! hahaha! No kidding!

Lechon Cebu Of Carcar

It is hailed by Anthony Burdain as the best roast pig in the world is our very own lechon Cebu and I tell you it won't disappoint you.

We arrived an hour late for lunch and I was worried that there won't be anything left for us to bu, but I was wrong! The market was teeming with beautifully roasted pigs laying on their bellies crying out loud eat me! eat me! LOL! well I think that was my stomach trying to get to my head. Hahaha. 

We ordered on one vendor that seems to be selling so much which would only mean according to my food-o-meter as a guarantee to be deslish! I bought a bag weighing a little over 1/4 of a kilo for just a hundred pesos. 

Amazingly the skin stays crispy all day long even if it was roasted in the morning. It doesn't even need a sauce as the meat's juices on to your mouth to perfection! 

Just a note before I go. The vendors tend to this routine of serving the roasted pig and suddenly pours some sauce into the bag of meat. I tell you it would taste really salty so right before the vendor starts to chop tell him/her to put the sauce on a separate bag. Chow!