Hou Mian Bao 厚麵包

Morning of my second day in Taipei my host treated me breakfast -that was so kind of him being me with no money- and he asked  me with just tow questions what do you like for breakfast Salty or Sweet? Hot Or Cold, and of course there is a third one which was what drink you like.

Soon after the lady who owns the restaurant served us with our orders which for me was A thick bread (Hou Mian Bao 厚麵包) glazed with rich green tea butter/spead. 

It was an experience as I bite on to the lightly glazed bread. The green tea wasn't over powering while a hint of sugar was quite crunch on top of the green tea butter as it was toasted. I never imagined that something so delightful like this is possible until I took my first bite. 

I know that I am biased and that I love Nai Cha (milk tea) so much but I must say that this is a perfect partner for a good breakfast specially on a hot summer day. 

As of the moment I am still researching on how to make that green tea spread/butter I want to make one at home! If any one knows how to do it please let me know PLEASE... =D

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