Lechon Cebu Of Carcar

It is hailed by Anthony Burdain as the best roast pig in the world is our very own lechon Cebu and I tell you it won't disappoint you.

We arrived an hour late for lunch and I was worried that there won't be anything left for us to bu, but I was wrong! The market was teeming with beautifully roasted pigs laying on their bellies crying out loud eat me! eat me! LOL! well I think that was my stomach trying to get to my head. Hahaha. 

We ordered on one vendor that seems to be selling so much which would only mean according to my food-o-meter as a guarantee to be deslish! I bought a bag weighing a little over 1/4 of a kilo for just a hundred pesos. 

Amazingly the skin stays crispy all day long even if it was roasted in the morning. It doesn't even need a sauce as the meat's juices on to your mouth to perfection! 

Just a note before I go. The vendors tend to this routine of serving the roasted pig and suddenly pours some sauce into the bag of meat. I tell you it would taste really salty so right before the vendor starts to chop tell him/her to put the sauce on a separate bag. Chow!

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