Media Noche De Mi Familia

If I were to be asked, which holiday do is my favorite when it comes to eating? I'd say the New Year! With the awesome Filipino tradition of eating and with our family growing in numbers each year our media noche feast table only gets much more festive! Here's what we had last new year.

Oysters. Before I didn't knew that Oysters and the shell fish that we eat almost every Sunday is the same. Its just because that when I see Oysters on TV they are always served in a fancy plater with ice or a heavily decorated plate, I'm just used to seeing Oysters in a bowl with vinigear and some onions and garlic. 

Barbecues without the fat at the end of the stick is the best! hahaha I don't eat the fat part I just cant swallow it. hahaha... So I guess even though these are slightly over churned I like them!

Sliced fruits plus the compulsory round fruits!

If I were to marry someone she has to cook really good pasta and salad. I eat any kind of pasta I love them and the spaghetti we had was just right for my Filipino flavor craving that night. 

Fruit salad, this is just a part of the whole batch of fruit salad that we made. I even ate fruit salad as my breakfast and lunch! hahaha! No kidding!


  1. nakakagutom naman tong post mo :)
    sobrang miss ko n lahat ng pagkain s pinas lalo n pag mga ganitong okasyon.

    btw, i've added u s linkies ko :)

  2. wow! your holiday meals are really mouthwatering!

    yeah I thought so also before na iba yung talaba natin sa expensive oysters, di naman pala :)

    Thanks for visiting my site :)

  3. I can't agree more, tuwing Media Noche din ako napapakain ng husto. We always have spag and fruit salad pag New year, and round fruits of course. :)