Sbarros Love Affair

Years ago.... yes years ago... before I decided to focus on my craft a.k.a the I-can't-eat-fancy-food days of my life I often eat out with someone to restaurants ranking a lot higher than my all time favorite Jollibee. Our favorite restaurant of choice is not even that fancy, what is it? Sbarros!

An Italian eatery that aims to deliver fresh italian food served hot can be found to most if not all malls around the metro Sbarros offers fresh Italian cooking that you can really taste with every bite.

I am glad that my newest food buddy, Bab, liked Sbarros. She ordered my usual Chicago deep dish which forced me to order another pizza! hahaha! But she was nice enough to let me get a bite of her pizza. 

As for me I ordered the Chicago white. Both pizzas are deep with meat, cheeze and whole lot of lovin Italian stuff.

I like eating my Sbarros pizza with lots of herbs like Oregano and Basil that gives it a little more sweetness. 

I am happy to have met Bab, I now have a food buddy to tag along with on my food adventures and for sure you'll see more of her soon. 

Stay tuned for our next project coz we are going Chinese!

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