The Las Flores Experience

A few weeks ago I was invited by a friend to taste a special kind of European taste leaning towards the familiar taste of Spanish cuisine. I asked my self how could you even reinvent something that is already so good? Well my friend insisted so I gave in and drove all the way to Bonifacio Global City while talking to my self that this better be worth it.

We were welcomed by the outgoing general manager, Lola and was asked what we wanted to eat. My immediate response was what is that makes your restaurant famous? something that people must try when the come here at Las Flores.

the simple and elegant interior of Las Flores welcomes everyone to experience authentic European dishes

While waiting for our food I indulged my self to the easy interior of the restaurant, nothing that you would feel intimidated with yet it feels so classy still. I think the owners of the restaurant really did a great job! I love the clear view of the street from their floor to ceiling glass windows with really comfortable chairs that you can just sit in for hours if you are meeting with somebody here. If you are an alfresco type of diner, their tables outside are just the space for you! It's quite perfect since they are tucked at the not so busy street in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) 
the bar

cute cups hanging over the bar (they actually use these cups!)

Intimate dinning experience 

they have comfy spaces even for big groups!
As an appetizer we were served us a delicately cooked tuna topped with Avocado sauce and caviar. Honestly I really didn't figure out what I was eating and I had to ask Lola what was it really made of, it was because it was so delicately made that the tuna would just melt on to your mouth but would not disintegrate as you scoop it out of the batch. Most importantly it tasted like tuna but doesn't have that stinky fish smell and yeah it was A-PPE-TI-ZING!

First dish off on our main course was the Pulpo a la Gallega which is octopus meat on top of nicely cut potatos cooked to a perfect bite! 

The Paella Negra made me a bit curious on what was on top of it, it was moving!!!! Lola then revealed that those are squid flakes. It was quite a sight and I really enjoyed watching them seem to dance as the heat from the dish make them move. 

Next up that was served was the Sea Bass. I love how the chef was able to preserve the rich taste of the fish while the sauce really complimented the dish in extraordinary way, It was quite exciting as I never thought that a Sea Bass dish could turn out that way

Of course everybody's favorite part finally came! Desert! We were surprised that they gave us three deserts one was a choco mouse which reminds me so much of a childhood food that I love so much. The chocolate was soooooo rich and it wasn't too strong or sweet that you wouldn't mind eating anytime you fancy. 

The second dessert was crunchy creamy, a very good combination I must say. The top was a good layer of hardened caramel covering the creamy flan like cake inside. Totally a must try!

The last one was quite exciting to eat. The fusion of hot and cold desert really interests me a lot. Imagine a hot cake with oozing choco syrup inside that floods your plate and slides through the cold ice cream!? Oh my I just cant describe how wonderful it was knowing how they make their chocolates really good. 

It was really awesome dinning at Las Flores. All that I can say is that always keep an open mind even to traditional food that has proven their taste over the years! The best can just get better then I suppose. What I like most about the dishes at Las Flores is that they are just right to taste, they do not over power your senses and lets you experience the dishes as a whole. Las Flores is a place where you can definitely bring friends over and experience the real taste of modern European dishes. 

Las Flores can be found at 
Ground floor, One Mckinley Place,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 
Tel: (02) 552-2815
Instagram: @lasfloresph

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