Disecting An Ivatan Feast At Pension Ivatan

Most of you know I travel a lot and every time that my foot lands in a new place my stomach does the thinking ahead of my brain! Well if you see how big I am I'm sure that you would understand what I mean... Hahahaha.... But really, no kidding I'm not that big but I wouldn't say that I am average.

As I step out of the arrival area I was delighted to see two familiar faces! Ferdz of Ironwulf.net and Chyng of No Spam, No Virus, No kidding and I was like ohhh common on! The Photographer and Blogger that I look up to is welcoming me here in Batanes!!! Wow! They were even holding the welcome sign that my hotel made for me (so I could see them lol) 

Before I took my shuttle to my hotel Ferdz invited me on a banquet that night to be hosted by Pension Ivatan which is actually just across the airport. He told me about some details and I got really excited, I had to make sure that I can make it to dinner!

That night we were welcomed by Ms. Tess De Leon, the wonderful owner of Pension Ivatan who also personally manages the food that the restaurant serves to each and every guest. Ms. Tess' heritage is undeniably  filled with great memories and history of food and I think that it is good that she shares this gift to everyone. 
Tess with Ferdz of Enroute

While we were waiting for the main course we were served with appetizing dishes and munchies that I couldn't stop from devouring.... hahaha... Well I had to tell my self... Ian, this ain't the main dish yet so leave some space okay!? Let me show you the appetizers that were served.
Appetizing Appetizers - Batanes Flavor Platter (Php 250.00)

After giving us a brief history about Pension Ivatan came the main star of the night, The Ivatan Plater!

Pension Ivatan's Ivatan Platter (Php 1,700.00)

The Ivatan platter is made up different Ivatan native dishes all served into one feast platter made up of native leaves that the Ivatans have used to serve food since time in memorial. So let's take a look at what makes this Ivatan Platter so good!

First up is are the Uvud Balls, well they are just the same as the Ubod that we know back here in the main land but the only thing different with them is that they came from a Banana tree instead of a Coconut Tree.

Uvud Balls (Php 150.00)

Grilled Tadyang ng Baka (Php 150.00)

Another dish on the platter is the Inihaw na Tadyang ng Baka (Grilled Cow's Ribs) I love the texture of this particular dish as it was somewhere between chewy and delicate, I just love biting on it!

This grinned meat looking dish are actually Taro Stalks (Gabi) I'm sure vegetarians will enjoy this! Oh yeah by the way it is called Vunez
Vunez (Php 130.00)

The Dibang is just another common dish, well at least for Batanes. We all know it as a Flying fish, there are seasons for catching flying fishes in Batanes hence it ain't that cheap.

Dibang (Php 70.00/gram)

Kanañiz (Php 230)
These are Kanañiz or Cuttle Fish perfectly sliced to bite sizes which really is a good idea... I also love the texture of this fish and its mild taste.

Probably my favorite part of the platter.... The Luñez or Lunis! It is the Ivatan version of how adobo should be cooked and I must say everyone should not miss this dish when in Batanes. I love how good it feels as you chew the pork with its divine adobo flavor and mind you it is not oily! I even said that it could pass as a pica pica for somebody like me with a big appetite as I could just much on them all day long =) and yeah you can just pick a piece up and bite it's not messy at all.

Lunez (Php 280.00)
Aside from these dishes included in the platter are the famous Coconut Crabs that are hunted at the montains, freshly caught lobsters and the oh so tasty Ginger Rice... yep ginger not java... Trust me it's a lot better!

After the main course I was surprised as we were still seeing food still flowing on our tables Tess then had us taste something common anywhere in the Philippines but it has a twist! The Pension Ivatan's bulalo is quite unique when it comes to its vegetables. Imagine its main veggie is a fern! I kid you not, I swear it is a fern that grows in Batanes. They Harvest the fern in its baby stage so that it would still be tender and I must say it does give some kind of kick to the dish.

Of course with all these wonderful food around you, you need a perfect thirst quencher and palate cleanser and the house blended Iced Tea of Pension Ivatan is no exception for praises!
This dish may look like a laing to you but no... or maybe a little yes... Its actually stuffed gabi... I think it does taste a little like a laing.... anyways I did enjoy this one. 

Stuffed Gabi Rolls

Dukay Salad

As always I would still have enough space for dessert and I like how the Dukay salad taste just right not that bland but not so sweet as well. I'm sure my fellow bloggers did enjoy our dinner with Tess of Pension Ivatan. So if you ever come to Batanes make sure to drop by Pension Ivatan to taste some of Batanes' culinary heritage.

Pension Ivatan Hometel and Restaurant
Website: http://www.pensionivatanbatanes.com/
Address: Bgy. Kayvalugan, Basco, Batan, Batanes (just across the airport)
email: pensionivatan@yahoo.com.ph