Real Cups of Seoul

It was my last night in Seoul and it was very late when I remember that I haven't had dinner, so I walked around the area and look for food. There were lots of stores that offer fried chicken and beer but I wanted something where I could experience a true Korean taste. After walking around for a bit I decided to eat yet another chicken dish, Real Cups

They sell spicy chicken especially spiced with Korean ingredients and some corn .

It was slight of a challenge when I tried to order as the cute lady that prepares and serves the dish didn't speak any English, amazingly she got my order right! She couldn't what spicy is in English but she showed me the spice bottle before she pour on to my meal. Like a charade she acted what that bottle was for, she started fanning her mouth like it was burning and in response I signaled with my two fingers that I just want it a little hot.

Here's how they prepared my meal it's actually quite simple.

Step 1. Deep fry chicken nuggets/bits

Step 2: Mix spicy Korean sauce, sesame seeds and rice cakes. 

Step 3 Mix in the deep fried chicken nuggets and put in a cup for to go or on a bowl if you are dinning in.

Step 4 Sprinkle with nuts and corn then serve

I don't know if there's a misconception of Korean food being too hot because on my three day journey around Seoul I have experienced what they call hot and really hot (at least it's how the vendors describe them) but all of them were really tolerable just like how spicy you would want you maming gala to be. 

Anyways this one though really not a must try when in Seoul is something that you would enjoy! I just wish I asked the lady to make it a bit more hotter. 

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