UGU Bigyan's Potter's Garden

I must say that a trip to Quezon province would not be complete without tasting Ugu Bigyan's wonderful menu. So it was just so fitting to end our trip around Quezon with a sumptuous lunch at Ugu Bigyan's Potter's Garden Restaurant.

Here's how my plate looked like.... so what's in it???

Well we'll get into those later on what we need first is to prepare our tummy's for the feast ahead and a scallop soup is just right for the job. 

It was actually the first time that I ever tried scallops and they were actually good. I've always been intimidated with how they look, I mean it wasn't something that I regularly see on our dinning table at home.

Okay, so we are done with the soup here comes the feast!

Baby backribs: Really tender and flavorful I love how soft they were.

Tahong Salad: Easy on this one for those who have high blood, it's really easy to get carried away munching on these. 


Paco Salad: A must try, very refreshing. 

Kulawo: That was the first time that I ever tasted Kulawo and I was really surprised on how it tasted. It was smokey yet it is based on cocomilk!

Being the Philippine's coconut country the Ginumis really tells a lot about how daily life in Quezon is lived, see instead of the regular milk Ginumis has cococ milk!

Lunch at Ugu Bigyan's place is really something, it doesn't just gives your taste buds an experience but your eyes as well. When going to Quezon makes sure to make an appointment with Ugu Bigyan's restaurant, this is something that you shouldn't miss.

Notes: Ugu Bigyan's restaurant does not accept walk in customers, you must make do reservations at least two days before your date. You may contact them through their facebook page

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