Freshly Cooked Piaya In Manila

Piaya is a popular snack from the Visayas particularly Bacolod and its surrounding areas, so I was so surprised and delighted to see something new like this to be around the metro.

I went to SM Manila after my shift to run some errands and as I walked from the metro station to the mall my eye caught something unusual, there was this lady selling Piaya on the street and she's cooking it on the spot!

They have at least three flavors Plain, Cheese and Chocolate of course I tried the choco flavor. It was nothing special when it comes to the taste but I find it awesome for this Visayan delicacy to become available for us in the Metro. 

Their stall can be found a few meters from the LRT Central station in front of the Universidad De Manila. They say that they are there every day but when I checked back on them the other day I couldn't really find them. Maybe they were located somewhere nearer to the Mehan Garden, I don't know so just try your luck in getting your fix of freshly cooked Piaya! ;)

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