Coal Spot: Good Burgers Has Arrived In Valenzuela

It was a bad day going on for me, no actually it was a bad week. I missed two sessions of my MuayThai class and on that day it rained really hard that I had to wade through the murky flood waters in Manila from work. I was like ugh, can someone give me break!?

Good thing I was with my co-worker who lives in Fatima (Valenzuela). I wanted to shake off all the bad vibes before I go home, then it came to my mind about this burger joint that my gym friends always talk about, so I asked Dy to have some burgers before we go home.

They call it Coal Spot their menu is very simple all focusing with the their main product, their chargrilled beef burgers with some house blend ice tea to compliment your food.

Their burgers are a far cry from the fast food type burgers that you eat, these are works of art! Well not to exaggerate but they are really good not to mention cheaper than those fast food restaurants. Imagine you can get a quarter pounder (picture above -sorry didn't have camera that time, just my phone) for just 55 pesos!

The patties are really juicy even though they are grilled unlike their others who fry them. However, I still feel that it can be improved with a little mayo and a good ketchup and a hint of pepper. My preference.

I'm sure that you'll love this place! Oh and it could have been better if they serve beer! hahaha But no they are too near from a school so, no beer mi amigo! Check them out details below.

Address: 143 Mc Arthur Highway, Valenzuela City

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