Bodhi: The Vegetarian Fast Food

First of all let me just categorically state that I am noooooo, in anyway a vegetarian :) but I do love eating veggies, a lot. I also am into this some sort of diet -yep trying to be healthy somehow- so I try to stay away from fatty food as much as possible.

Anyways, I just wanna share with you my favorite vegetarian food store, it's much like of a fast food for vegetarians, food is cooked and ready to serve and it is called BODHI.

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I am not sure if they have other branches in the metro but my their branch in Megamall is where I usually get my fix. I love their Asado  as I find it the most rich when it comes to taste. 



Aside from my favorite Asado they have a whole host of menu that you can enjoy from. Like I said I am not a vegetarian so please don't send questions about if it is what type of whatever... hahaha... i'll just stare at your question for hours and never answer :)) 

So there you go, I hope you'd really try BODHI and taste how good it is! I actually introduced it to a friend and he got confused asking "I thought this is vegetarian?" as he tasted the Asado thinking that it was real meat! Hahaha.... so check out the nearest BODHI outlet near you... 

Note: This is not a paid post... I just love them <3


here's a list of their branches that I got from

SM North Edsa Food Court
SM Sta. Mesa Food Court
SM Megamall Food Court
SM Megamall Supermarket
SM Makati Food Court
SM Sucat Food Court
SM Southmall Food Court
SM Fairview Food Court
Tutuban Mall
Greenhills VirraMall


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