2016 Best Food Channels On YouTube

Youtube has been part of every netizen's daily life and foodies are no exception. So I went on searching for the best food channels that there is on Youtube to satify our gastronomic eye's cravings.

1. Sorted Food

Imagine five guys with a good sense of humor in the kitchen, I know that's gonna be a lot of fun. Sorted Food provides recipes twice a week and a vlog they call FridgeCam every Sunday. 

2. Hot For Food
Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudzojQxnLAI7uQPVYJy_oQ

A vegan couple who cooks up vegan food that will just make you crave for it, I mean I am not in anyway would qualify even to be the most slightest of a vegan but I sure do love eating vegan food .

3. Donald Skehan

One of the funnest channels I ever watched. Donal's attitude towards cooking and his presentation of his food is just simply one of the most entertaining I ever seen.

What's your favorite food channel on youtube? Tell us on the comment section