The Best SM Hypermarket Turon

Okay, fine! I will admit. I love SM Hypermarket's turon! There I said it na. But it is so damn hard not to fall in love with SM's turon. Sometimes I get scared and paranoid thinking that they are putting some sort of chemical or potion at the very least to make it taste that good.

But I have to be very specific here. The best turon that I've ever tasted is at SM Hypermarket Valenzuela. No other branch has made a turon as good as the one in SM Valenzuela. Beyond that though. SM has made a multi million product out of the very ordinary turon.

How good is it? I don't have a good picture of it because every time I get the chance to put my hands on them, they go straight to my mouth.

Nope this one is not the SM Valenzuela turon I love..... its just better.

Visit SM Valenzuela and get to see it for your self.